Coaching & Counseling

Counseling for Individuals:

One-on-one counseling provides an opportunity for people to openly talk about their thoughts and feelings while being assisted by Dr. Tatsuko. Patients often seek individual therapy due to some recent or past stress in their lives, or due to trauma that they are not aware of.

Although some people initially worry that talking about themselves will be awkward or uncomfortable, most patients find individual sessions enjoyable and life changing experience.

Counseling can be considered a massage for the mind. While the patient gains greater focus on her/his thoughts and feelings, the counselor acts as a non-judgmental guide, helping the individual recognize patterns and finding ways to avoid past problems.

Individual counseling is the majority of the services provided. Common issues addressed include:

– Anxiety

– Panic Attacks

– Depression

– Relationship Problems

– Recent Life Changes

– Family Stress

– Addictions

– Career Problems

– Parenting Issues

– Loss and Mourning

Couple Counseling:

Dr. Tatsuko offers counseling for all couples interested in improving their relationships. She has experience in helping a diverse range of couples from a variety of racial, ethnic, and spiritual backgrounds. Couples can be either married or dating, gay or straight. She recognizes that most couples seeking counseling are usually facing some issue they have been unable to resolve alone. The decision to enter couples counseling can often be a difficult one, so we will be as sensitive and supportive as possible.

The goal is to provide couples with tools to resolve ongoing problems as well as to help them find greater levels of intimacy and understanding. Dr. Tatsuko initially help couples discuss their issues in a constructive, non-threatening manner, including learning to avoid the most common mistakes in communication. Once healthy dialogue is established, the couple then works to resolve hurt feelings and overcome current problems with the aid of the therapist.

Commonly addressed issues include:

– Communication Problems

– Intense Arguments

– Infidelity

– Broken Trust

– Marriage Preparation

– Parenting Conflicts

– Emotional Distance

– Sexual Problems

– Coping with Addiction

– Adjusting to Recent Changes in Relationship

– Inability to Resolve Ongoing Conflict